Main Activities


• Support in Commercial Strategy Definition 


• Identify Customer Potential


• Generate sustainable Sales & Relationships


• Sales Process Leadership 


• Key Account Management both Home and Abroad


• Interim Sales Management Positions



I look forward to being of value to you! 




To reposition sales as a strategic business discipline to serve prospective parties and customers and to generate long term sustainable revenue streams.



To support growth oriented companies in achieving their sales goals by systematically building up and reaching out to the defined target customers.



Leadership, Global Business Development, Global Key Account Management, Sales Management, Professionalism. 



• British-Swiss national – native English and (Swiss) German speaker

• Executive MBA Strathclyde

• 25+ years sales experience

• Experience in strategic selling models – direct / indirect / hybrid (Account Based Marketing)

• Goal-oriented in hunting for new customers and business, as well as harvesting and tendering to existing customer base – both home and abroad

• Multidisciplinary sales team leadership 

• Knowhow in identifying, pursuing, and qualifying new, large global and complex business opportunities

• Deep relationship building skills – both internal and external 

• Knowhow in crafting deal winning management summary and cover letters in English and / or German

• Translations and Proofreading German – English and vice versae


Career Path

Global blue chip companies:


• Compaq


• SUN Microsystems (Oracle)




Why is Sales a Strategic Priority? 

The newest and most innovative solution is worthless without paying customers. Many companies assume that their brand-new solution is the most challenging part of the total value generating process. The “uniqueness” of their new offering is sufficient that it sells “by itself” thus helping to drive top line revenue growth. This is not the case.


Companies have to find New Target customers and explain what they do, what they have to offer and most importantly WHY. Existing customers have to be looked after in order to secure established revenue streams and to pro-actively find up- and cross-selling opportunities. Dormant customers requiring “high touch” should be reviewed and where appropriate re-animated.


Most complex B2B sales projects today have long sales cycles that require a strategic team selling approach led by strategic orchestrators to marshal resources in matrix organizations and align them to the buyer’s organization. 


This raises the following questions: 

·       Where are our markets and who are our “ideal” target customers? 

·       How do we get our existing customers to increase their spend with us? 

·       Which dormant customers requiring “high touch” should we re-animate? 

·       Who are the influencers and how should we engage with them? 

·       WHY should our “ideal” target customers, existing or dormant customers and influencers engage with us in the first place…? 


Conclusion: a comprehensive and long term sales strategy coupled with tight sales leadership and management is needed to be able to compete in today’s complex B2B and globalised world. 


Why collaborate with LutzSales Ltd? 

In alignment with your corporate- and sales strategy, LutzSales Ltd supports you in: 

·       Sales Process Leadership in projects from customer identification to close 

·       Project Qualification, Sales Strategy Definition, Engagement including Influencer Identification (Multilevel Selling) 

·       Sharpening Company Positioning and Customer Value Proposition messages 


What does all this mean to you? 

·       Relief and accountability in systematically setting up and leading the sales organisation in complex B2B projects and environments 

·       Calculable Investments with regards to headcount (Sales as a Service) 

·       High success probability thanks to professionalism, leadership, and experience


Sales is a Strategic Priority. Proactivity drives Top Line Revenue growth and thus the value of your company.


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